Dita Masters

Dita is a emerging artist, who was born and raised in Czech Republic. In 2002 she moved to NY and continued her journey to Minnesota in 2010.Influenced by her mentor Anja Yamaji. She creates each piece of custom art through consultation with her clients in terms of colors, size and mediums to achieve the desired results.  Then she custom builds each frame in her workshop using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.  Only afterwards does she mix her colors and material to create the work of beauty with the wants and needs of each client always her priority.

"In my paintings I am using epoxy resin and combinations of colors and often multiple layers to achieve a deeper effect. The process of pouring is very quick but still it needs significant preparation and then I manually manipulate the colors to gain the effects I am searching for. I use creating smaller pieces as a transition for larger projects. Some of the paintings include samples of nature I am finding around or crystals for positive vibration. I am using high quality pigments in my artwork. The large custom projects require me to build panels myself. I started to paint years back when I was feeling disconnected from my culture and friends and felt quite lonely. To create fulfills me, brings me love and energy and it completes me. It gives me a chance to express myself freely".